In FSS we always aim to the top spot of the logistics services in Saudi Arabia and beyond, our capable team of well experienced and ambition specialist, excellent fleet of trucks and machineries is constantly providing the unlimited solutions for all our client’s difficulties.

FSS well understanding the importance of protecting the clients most valuable assets and personal, so we are focusing on delivering the clients goods on time as per its conditions defiant and facing all of the routes obstacles.

FSS looking to provide transportation services to the other companies bu complementary or replacing their internal logistics operations with cost effective and efficiency manner.

Safety Consultant

FSS believes that safety assessment and evaluation should be done as a matter of form, there for our client should be informed about all matters hazards, so we are equipped with the technology to keep our client management in touch with the work-site.

Our aim is to deliver safe works practices to the operations areas; we are cost effective and dependable source of expertise to meet our client safety requirements. Our HSE programs are totally strong enough delivering millions of safe man hours for our clients. We offer comprehensive safety auditing, HSE representation at your work sites and implementing advanced safety management practices.